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Transcript: Skyline Clean Energy Fund: Generating Stable Returns Through Sustainable Investements

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Jessica Katrichak: [00:00:04]

Looking for an investment with a proven ability to deliver stable returns? Look no further than Skyline Clean Energy Fund. This fund along with skylines three real estate funds, represents over 7 billion dollars in assets that the Skyline Group of Companies have amassed since 1991. The creation of Skyline Clean Energy Fund is a natural Evolution for the organization that is relied on its fundamental commitment to sustainability to enhance communities and improve its bottom line.

R. Jason Ashdown: [00:00:37]

We’ve been using the word sustainability since before it was cool. We understand that as a business, we have an impact on the planet, we have an impact on the communities in which we exist, and we want a lessen that impact and give back to the communities in which we operate. The fact that we generate waste and we use energy and everything that we do here as a company, and that the Clean Energy Fund offsets both of those things through biogas and solar opportunities is super exciting to us as a group of companies.

Jessica Katrichak: [00:01:12]

In 2018 Skyline decided to take advantage of the solar panels they managed on their existing real estate assets, and provide additional investor returns through the Ontario government’s FIT program, created to promote the use of renewable energy. It enables Skyline to roll these assets into a new product called Skyline Clean Energy Fund. This new fund enables Skyline to generate a stable monthly income Beyond rent.

Rob Stein: [00:01:40]

Skyline Clean Energy Fund, really was created to pair skyline’s sustainability goals with our investors need to help Canada transition to clean energy future. The clean energy fund is an equity growth fund. We really focus on solar and biogas assets from coast to coast that generate real, consistent stable cash flows.

Jessica Katrichak: [00:02:00]

The way Skyline Clean Energy Fund generates revenue is simple.

Rob Stein: [00:02:04]

We have two types of off-take agreements. One on our solar PV sites. We take the electricity we generate from the Sun and we sell that on long term power contracts with the provincial government. That’s usually for a 20-year duration, that really consistent predictable cash flow. On the biogas side of it, we offset, we take organic waste, we divert that from landfills. We take it into our facilities. We process that waste into a gas and we either run a engine to generate electricity with that gas or we clean up that gas, filter it and Export it into renewable natural gas into the grid. We get paid for the environmental attributes and the offset from receiving that waste and diverting that from landfills.

Jessica Katrichak: [00:02:48]

Skyline continues to reinvest in the fund and for good reason.

Rob Stein: [00:02:53]

Canada’s mandate to to go towards sustainability and to the biogas route is just getting started. So we happen to own a couple of strategic assets that really can maximize the benefit of biogas and the offsets from biogas for lots of years to come.

Jessica Katrichak: [00:03:10]

This long-term need for clean energy has helped the fund consistently deliver for investors.

Rob Stein: [00:03:18]

We’re now around 300 million dollars of assets under management. We’ve returned somewhere around 9-10% since Inception. A year over year and we’ve done that through consistent quarterly unit value adjustments and we see strong growth in the future.

Jessica Katrichak: [00:03:36]

That Outlook should help Skyline clean energy fun investors feel good about their investment.

Rob Stein: [00:03:39]

We’re helping Canada transition to a cleaner Greener future, but we’re really doing that while putting money in investors’ pocket. Investors want to feel good about their investment and feel great about the returns and we think the clean energy fund pairs those very well together.

Jessica Katrichak: [00:03:57]

If estimated that Skyline Clean Energy Fund assets currently generate enough electricity to power 17,600 homes for an entire year and diverts over 135,000 households of organic waste from the landfill. For more information on Skyline Clean Energy Fund. Go to