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About Skyline Wealth Management

Skyline Wealth Management's investment product offerings may allow you to achieve your investment goals. With a 99% investor satisfaction rate,¹ Skyline Wealth Management is helping people live the lifestyle they want.

Meet the team

Our Story

Our History

3 Co-Founders of Skyline


Skyline Group of Companies Co-Founders Jason and Martin Castellan buy their first rental property in Guelph, Ontario. They soon team up with their friend, Co-Founder R. Jason Ashdown, to buy more properties.

Skyline Logo With Backdrop of 2 Co-workers-2011-SkylineWealthLaunch-100


Skyline Group of Companies is incorporated and initially offers a syndicate investment model for its apartment properties.

Skyline Apartment REIT Logo with ApartmentBack Drop2006-APT-REIT-Launch


Skyline Group of Companies evolves from a syndicate model to a REIT structure. Skyline Apartment REIT launches.



Skyline Wealth Management launches as the exempt market dealer for Skyline's investment products.

Skyline Industrial REIT Logo with Building Back Drop


Skyline Industrial REIT (formerly Skyline Commercial REIT) launches.

Skyline Retail REIT Logo with Tim Hortons Back Drop-2013-RTL-REIT-LAUNCH


Skyline Retail REIT launches with $11M International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) portfolio value.

Skyline Clean Energy Fund Logo with Solar Panel Back Drop - 2018-SCEF-LAUNCH


Skyline Clean Energy Fund launches with $50K Assets Under Management (AUM) portfolio value.

Skyline Wealth Management 5000+ Logo With Customer Client Back Drop


Skyline Wealth Management reached 5,000 investors with $3B in wealth under administration.

Skyline Skydev Logo with Back Drop of Nice Park


SkyDev launches land development investment opportunities.

Our Guiding Principles


Why Skyline Wealth Management exists as a company:

To help investors achieve the lifestyle they want, through investment products and client service that is engaging, educational, and empowering.


How Skyline Wealth Management is making its vision a reality:

  • Providing Canadian investors with preferred access to Skyline’s investment products: private real estate, land development, and clean energy investment offerings.
  • Establishing client relationships built on trust and holding ourselves to the highest level of professionalism.
  • Committing to serve all of our stakeholders through inclusive, educational, and engaging interactions.


The key traits and behaviours Skyline Wealth Management’s team carries out every day, to fulfill its vision and mission.

Accountability: We take ownership of our decisions. We put our investors’ interests first and protect their privacy.

Commitment: Helping our investors meet their investment goals is our priority as a business.

Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour. We are honest and transparent in our communications, relationships, and actions.

Respect: We recognize and uphold diversity in all its forms. We give equal weight to each investor’s investment goals.

Accessibility: We value each of our stakeholders and strive to provide open access to our strategy, financials, and leadership team.

Skyline Wealth Management's investment product offerings

Skyline Wealth Management currently offers four private alternative investment products. Each of these products aims to provide the best possible returns to its investors.

Skyline Wealth Management offers investment products that are comprised of real assets.

Skyline Wealth Management offers investments in:

  • Real estate, such as apartment buildings, land, warehousing/logistics facilities, and retail plazas anchored by ‘everyday essential’ brands
  • Clean energy systems, such as solar fields and biogas facilities, backed by long-term government contracts

Skyline Wealth Management believes these assets have an inherent value driven by how they are maintained and managed, combined with the revenue they generate. These hard assets are valued according to their underlying value, instead of emotional pricing that one may see in the volatile public markets.

Skyline Wealth Management offers investment products that are private alternative investments.

Private alternative investments are not listed on the public markets.

By only offering private alternative investments, Skyline Wealth Management aims to help its investors enjoy historically stable investment performance while realizing potential tax-efficiency.

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Satisfaction Rates

Results from Skyline Wealth Management's 2021 Net Promoter Score survey


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Advisor satisfaction rate


Satisfaction with integrity in Skyline Wealth Management’s business practices


Satisfaction with accountability to Skyline Wealth Management’s investors
Skyline Sustainability PDF Graphic

Skyline Wealth Management and Sustainability

Skyline Wealth Management is part of Skyline Group of Companies (“Skyline”), a fully integrated asset acquisitions, management, development, and investment firm. With $8.2+ billion2 in assets under management, Skyline is committed to building strong, supportive, and sustainable communities across Canada.

Read Skyline Group of Companies’ Sustainability Report and find out more about its sustainability initiatives at: