A Sustainable Future Through Renewable & Clean Energy
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Fundserv Code: SKY2018

Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Class A

Invest in a portfolio of Canadian clean energy assets backed by government contracts. This portfolio offers historically stable returns since inception.

Annualized Return1

As at July 1, 2024
9.45% 1 Year
10.07% 3 Year
9.06% 5 Year
9.09% Inception
(May 3, 2018)

About the Fund

Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) generates revenue by producing clean, renewable power that is purchased by the provincial government and municipalities, and is backed by long-term government contracts.

As a growth-oriented fund, SCEF’s cash flows are reinvested in the fund to further optimize clean energy production and generate further investment growth.

SCEF is a private investment and therefore is less subject to the pricing volatility of the public markets. SCEF investors have been enjoying stable returns since inception.

This investment is available to Accredited Investors and Eligible Investors.

SCEF generates revenue from:

  • Solar Power
  • Biogas & Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
  • Optimization of Clean Energy Assets
  • Purchase of Clean Energy Through Long-Term Government-Backed Contracts

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Message to Investors

If you are an accredited investor in Canada looking to invest in a clean energy fund with historically stable annualized returns, Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) may be a great fit for you. SCEF is a privately managed investment product focused on acquiring renewable and clean energy production assets. SCEF offers access to clean energy producing systems and infrastructure that is backed by long-term government contracts.

SCEF is a growth-oriented equity investment and its investors have been enjoying stable annualized returns since its inception. Here’s your opportunity to potentially grow your investment portfolio while helping Canada transition to clean, renewable energy.

Connect with a Skyline Wealth Management representative today to learn how Skyline Clean Energy Fund may be a great investment for your portfolio.

Rob Stein
President, Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Fund Stats2


Unit Value

Portfolio Stats3

$410 MM+

Assets under management (AUM) is the total market value of the investments that an entity manages on behalf of investors.
Approx. Total Assets Under Management




Megawatt of direct current energy (MW/DC) a unit measurement of the output of power.

Historical Performance4


1 Year
Annualized Return


3 Year
Annualized Return


5 Year
Annualized Return


(May 3, 2018)

Enviro Stats5

Skyline Clean Energy Fund's energy production is equivalent to powering:


Homes Electricity Use for One Year

18.47 MM

Litres of Gasoline Offset in One Year


Passenger Vehicles Powered for One Year

Investment Highlights

  • $50,000 Minimum Investment
  • Registered Account Eligible (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, etc.)
  • Potential Tax Efficiency
  • No Redemption Fees6
  • i
    This investment is available to accredited investors and eligible investors.
    Available to Accredited Investors

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