Solar power plant in summer day with beautiful trees and pasture.

Stable Returns via Sustainable Investments

BTV – Business Television learns about Skyline Clean Energy Fund’s strategy & objective on how to optimize growth for investors.

Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) invests in assets and infrastructure that contribute to renewable and clean energy production. It currently has over $282 million* in assets under management. SCEF is a private investment with relatively low correlation with the public markets and the fund has historically provided stable returns.

SCEF generates revenue through the clean energy produced by assets within its portfolio. The power generated is purchased under long-term contracts with provincial governments, or power purchase agreements with strong credit-worthy corporations. The fund then reinvests cash flows for growth. As at September 2022, the energy produced by the assets within its portfolio is equivalent to powering 17,600+ homes annually.‍

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*as at September 30, 2022.