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Skyline Investments offer access to institutional quality assets and may help protect portfolios from public volatility.

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Skyline Investments are professionally managed real estate and clean energy assets. Each fund strategically aims to provide consistent distributions1 and capital appreciation.

Advantages of Skyline Investments

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    Access to a mature lineup of Canadian REITs and a clean energy fund
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    Low Management Expense Ratios (MER) and no redemption fees
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    Class F units are available through Fundserv

Skyline Class F Investment Packages include:

  • Class F Fund Snapshot
  • Offering Memorandum
  • Annual Report
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Real estate investing in Canada’s core industry sectors

Increased unit value through expert management of the properties, and acquiring new properties

Skyline Apartment REIT

Inception 2006

Multi-residential properties in Canada’s secondary markets.

Historical Annualized Returns:


Targeted MER:

0.40 – 0.50%

Fundserv code:

Industrial assets in Canada’s major markets

Skyline Industrial REIT

Inception 2012

Industrial assets in Canada’s major markets; 85.0%2 comprised of warehousing, distribution and logistics.

Historical Annualized Returns:


Targeted MER:

0.65 – 0.75%

Fundserv code:

Grocery and pharmacy dominant retail real estate in Canada’s secondary markets

Skyline Retail REIT

Inception 2013

Grocery and pharmacy dominant retail real estate in Canada’s secondary markets; 78.17%2 of base rent from essential goods and services with no exposure to enclosed shopping malls.

Historical Annualized Returns:


Targeted MER:

0.80 – 0.85%

Fundserv code:


Investment growth through strategic asset acquisition and expert property management

Skyline’s REIT investments generate returns through:

  • Monthly tenant rental income
  • Underlying asset value growth
  • Capital project enhancements

Renewable infrastructure investing for a cleaner and brighter future

Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Inception 2018

Equity fund driven by renewable infrastructure generating clean energy through Canadian solar and biogas4 assets.

Historical Annualized Returns:


Targeted MER:


Fundserv code:

biogas production

Investment growth through clean energy generation

Skyline Clean Energy Fund generates returns by producing clean, sustainable power through:

Photovoltaic – solar panels

Biogas4 digestors

The clean energy that is produced is sold under long-term government contracts or Power Purchase Agreements

The revenue is used to optimize asset performance, and purchase additional assets, potentially resulting in unit value growth

74.44% of the Fund’s revenue is generated from provincial government contracts2

Our Team

Ray Punn Vice President, Wealth Solutions

Ray Punn

Vice President


Mustafa Bukhari, National Team Lead

Mustafa Bukhari

National Team Lead


Christian Langman, Institutional Sales

Christian Langman

Institutional Sales


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