Ray Punn, Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

Transcript: The Rise of Private Alternatives Amid Market Volatility


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Ray Punn: [00:00:05]

Over the last 15 years, some of the largest investors in the public pension space have moved away from public equity exposure and adjusted their weightings towards real estate and private equity investments.

This has coincided with the rise of interest for private market funds launched by large firms – giving geographic  alternative exposure in a single investment vehicle. This can be observed as a pivot to not adding investments, but assets to a portfolio. The introduction of these funds and other REITs really underscores the popularity of using real assets to hedge against volatility.

Skyline’s four private alternative investments, which include real estate, were designed to offer access to institutional quality assets to help protect portfolios from public market volatility and provide consistent distributions and capital appreciation.

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