Reuven Harrouch-Advisor, Wealth Solutions

Reuven Harrouch Relationship Manager, Private Equity, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

Reuven’s career in wealth management includes experience in financial services and investing spanning across various advisory positions. Since 2014, he has worked with high-net-worth investors in providing both self-directed investment advisory services and portfolio management. Reuven has a broad understanding of the full spectrum of investments available to Canadians, from traditional stocks and bonds; to hard assets such as real estate; to digital assets such as cryptocurrency.

Reuven takes a simplified and personable approach to his role as a relationship manager. He places importance on staying up to date with the ‘bigger picture’ of wealth management solutions within the industry as a whole, and how it relates to the value of Skyline’s investment products. He believes in educating and empowering his clients to make the best possible investment choices for their specific financial goals. To Reuven, each interaction with a client is an opportunity to learn more about them, and to make a meaningful difference toward their financial future. Helping investors gain understanding and clarity in their financial matters has always been a rewarding part of the client experience for him.