Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

Ray Punn Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

“We have made it our mission at Skyline Wealth Management to show both retail and institutional investors the benefits of private alternatives for their overall wealth strategy. Throughout our history, Skyline Wealth Management and its suite of investment products have consistently delivered stable returns. This stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our investors’ financial success.”

As Skyline Wealth Management’s Vice President, Ray oversees strategic direction, business governance, technology advancements, and the distribution funnel, to foster and maintain an active, engaged investor base.

Ray worked for some of the largest financial firms in Canada’s public and private sectors prior to joining Skyline Wealth Management in 2018. He has facilitated significant growth and innovation within Skyline Wealth Management to drive its industry success and recognition as one of Canada’s leading private alternative investment dealers.

Under Ray’s leadership, the Skyline Wealth Management team works directly with high-net-worth and institutional clients. It actively participates in optimizing Skyline Wealth Management’s investor engagement strategy to ensure it is continually adding value for the nearly 6,000 Canadian clients who have chosen Skyline Wealth Management and its investment product offering.

Ray is a sought-after contributor to industry publications, webinars, interviews, and thought leadership pieces, sharing his expertise and insights within the finance and investment sector. Outside of work, Ray is an avid Toronto Raptors fan and leads an active lifestyle with his wife and their two boys, including traveling, hockey, and music.