Advisor, Wealth Solutions - Daryl Finlay

Daryl Finlay Advisor, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

Daryl is a well-established financial services professional, with experience in both private wealth management and banking.

Daryl joined Skyline Wealth Management as Advisor Service, Skyline Wealth Management Inc. in July 2022. Prior to joining Skyline Wealth Management, Daryl spent several years working with high-net-worth investors, in the role of Investor Relations for a private capital company.  Daryl then joined RBC, where he used a holistic approach, including investment and credit opportunities, to help his clients achieve their financial goals. During his five years with RBC, Daryl was promoted several times and won multiple awards, including RBC’s Leadership Model Award for performance excellence in 2021.

Daryl believes that maintaining great communication is the most important part of his role.  He strives to demonstrate a high level of integrity to his clients and values transparency and openness in all his interactions.  Daryl believes that having a deep understanding of each client’s portfolio, and their individual financial goals, is critical to providing the best service.

Daryl believes that “if he wouldn’t do it, why would he recommend it to someone else”. He also sees the benefit in having his own goals as an advisor that are directly linked to the success and satisfaction of his clients.

Daryl graduated from the University of Guelph in 2011 with a degree in International Development Economics.