Brianne Perna Skyline

Brianne Perna Senior Associate, Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

As a Senior Associate at Skyline Wealth Management Inc., Brianne serves as a primary point of contact for inquiries, consistently delivering exceptional customer service to investors. Responsibilities include supporting Advisors in managing investor relations to ensure financial needs are met.

Brianne joined Skyline Wealth Management in January 2021, bringing two years of experience in the financial industry and five years of experience supporting executive management at various firms.
Committed to providing the best customer experience, Brianne goes above and beyond to assist Skyline Wealth Management’s investors. Always available to answer questions, address concerns, and celebrate successes, Brianne’s goal is to ensure the success of the team at Skyline Wealth Management and to help clients achieve financial objectives.

Brianne has completed a Technical Writing course and the Exempt Market Proficiency (EMP) Course.