Industrial REIT Acquisition

VP, Skyline Wealth Management Comments on Recent Skyline Commercial REIT Acquisition

Commercial REIT has grown to over $1B in Assets

Skyline Commercial REIT recently finalized a substantial acquisition in Calgary, AB. The property is a single-tenant industrial distribution centre on over 23 acres of prime real estate. Investors that have been following the commercial warehousing and logistics asset class will appreciate the additional square footage of this newly built acquisition, as well as the pedigree of the tenant.

Logistical warehousing spaces continue to see significant demand amid strong reliance on e-commerce and pressure on ensuring distribution channels have adequate “last mile” storage space. We’ve continually been seeing strong demand for purpose-built distribution facilities such as this.

Light industrial vacancy rates are at nearly all-time lows across Canada; this bodes well for investors seeking a growing asset class with rising rents and valuations on the underlying real estate class itself.

Skyline Commercial REIT currently has almost 74%1 of its total square footage comprised of tenants within the warehousing & distribution sector. This weighting anchors the REIT’s long-term strategy to a strong and growing commercial real estate asset class.

Skyline Commercial REIT has grown to over $1B in assets under management2 in a relatively short period of time, which can be attributed to the culmination of strategic purchases as well as the increase in value of the underlying assets themselves. This is what our Skyline Commercial REIT investors have come to appreciate, along with the REIT’s historically strong and stable yield.

Ray Punn
Vice President, Wealth Solutions
Skyline Wealth Management

Ray Punn is an experienced leader in management across the public and private sectors, including the Financial, Automotive, and Private Equity industries. As Vice President of Skyline Wealth Management, he leads a comprehensive team of Advisors, and oversees business operations, marketing, investment management, and investor relations. With a deep understanding of how each component of wealth management contributes to an exceptional investor experience, Ray and his teams focus on building long-term partnerships with Skyline Wealth Management’s valued investors.

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1 This number includes Data Centers and Cold Storages.
Unaudited figure. As at June 1st, 2021.

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