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Watch: Skyline Clean Energy Fund & The Renewable Infrastructure Investment Landscape

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Ray Punn, Vice President of Skyline Wealth Management sat down with Rob Stein, President, Skyline Clean Energy Fund, and Matt Kennedy, Director, Skyline Energy to discuss the opportunities of investing within the Canadian renewal energy market. Learn how Skyline Clean Energy Fund’s strategy is positioned well to meet the growing energy demand in Canada while offering investors the opportunity to invest in institutional quality assets.

As a growth-oriented fund, Skyline Clean Energy Fund’s cash flows are reinvested in the Fund to further optimize clean energy production and generate further investment growth. Since its inception in 2018, Skyline Clean Energy Fund (FundServ Code: SKY2018) has provided investors with historically stable returns while contributing to the development and maintenance of the Canadian energy supply.

About the presenters

Rob Stein, President, Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Rob Stein

Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Rob is responsible for the operational and financial performance of Skyline Clean Energy Fund’s portfolio.

This includes overseeing acquisitions and dispositions, overseeing financial budgets, implementing and monitoring capital expenditure projects, and monitoring the assets’ functionality.

Prior to joining Skyline, Rob spent ten years with Fritz Construction Service Inc. growing and developing the renewable division of the company. He garnered extensive experience in buying, selling, developing, constructing, operating, and maintaining renewable energy assets.

Rob’s well-rounded knowledge of the solar energy industry is an invaluable asset to the Skyline Energy team. He brings an understanding of both the acquisitions and mechanical sides of the business to the table. To Rob — and by extension, to Skyline Energy — there is more to a solar asset than simply the revenue it generates; he also considers how the mechanics of each asset Skyline Energy acquires can be optimized to its fullest energy production. By seeing the value that others may miss, Rob lends a unique advantage to Skyline Energy.

Matt Kennedy, Director, Skyline Energy

Matt Kennedy

Skyline Energy

Matt leads the facilitation of all acquisitions and business operations for Skyline Energy. He supervises all internal operations including asset due diligence and underwriting, negotiating transactions, purchases and sales, management of third-party operations and maintenance service providers, and liaising with vendors and brokerages.

Matt joined Skyline in 2017, previously working for Skyline Asset Management Inc., the acquisitions department for Skyline’s apartment, commercial, and retail real estate assets. His knowledge of the asset acquisitions process including financial analysis, as well as his expertise in valuating clean energy systems, are assets to the Skyline Energy team.

Prior to Skyline, Matt had a career in professional hockey, playing at an entry-level contract with the Carolina Hurricanes before returning to the University of Waterloo for a degree in Accounting and Financial Management (BAFM).

Ray Punn, Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management

Ray Punn

Vice President,
Skyline Wealth Management

As Skyline Wealth Management’s Vice President, Ray oversees strategic direction, business governance, technology advancements, and the distribution funnel, to foster and maintain an active, engaged investor base.

Ray worked for some of the largest financial firms in Canada’s public and private sectors prior to joining Skyline Wealth Management in 2018. He has facilitated significant growth and innovation within Skyline Wealth Management to drive its industry success and recognition as one of Canada’s leading private alternative investment dealers.

Under Ray’s leadership, the Skyline Wealth Management team works directly with high-net-worth and institutional clients. It actively participates in optimizing Skyline Wealth Management’s investor engagement strategy to ensure it is continually adding value for the nearly 6,000 Canadian clients who have chosen Skyline Wealth Management and its investment product offering.