Mosaic of industrial, retail and apartment builds plus a solar farm

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High interest rates, inflation and immigration have created a challenging economy for many investment funds throughout 2023, especially those held in the public markets. However, all four of Skyline’s private alternative investments continued to demonstrate strong performance and growth in 2023.

Wayne Byrd, CFO, Skyline Group of Companies, and Ray Punn, Vice President, Skyline Wealth, discuss the successes and challenges brought on by 2023 and the strategic focus of Skyline’s four private alternative investments in the marketplace for 2024.

Skyline is a leader in the alternative investment space, providing institutional-quality investments through the Skyline Apartment REIT (SKY2006), Skyline Industrial REIT (SKY2012), Skyline Retail REIT (SKY2013), and Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SKY2018).

About the presenters

Wayne Byrd, Chief Financial Officer, Skyline Group of Companies

Wayne Byrd

Chief Financial Officer,
Skyline Group of Companies

Wayne is dedicated to the responsible financial performance of Skyline Group of Companies and its associated real estate and clean energy assets. Having been in private sector finance since 1995, his proven business experience and insight make him an integral leader as Skyline pursues its vision for growth.

Wayne’s financial expertise and commitment to Skyline’s vision result in a balanced approach to managing fiscal obligations and operational responsibility. He understands and appreciates the challenges facing business today, and, subsequently, the evolving role of the Chief Financial Officer. His unique blend of analytical and leadership skills is fundamental to leading Skyline’s operations and growth beyond the numbers.

Ray Punn, Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management

Ray Punn

Vice President,
Skyline Wealth Management

As Skyline Wealth Management’s Vice President, Ray oversees strategic direction, business governance, technology advancements, and the distribution funnel, to foster and maintain an active, engaged investor base.

Ray worked for some of the largest financial firms in Canada’s public and private sectors prior to joining Skyline Wealth Management in 2018. He has facilitated significant growth and innovation within Skyline Wealth Management to drive its industry success and recognition as one of Canada’s leading private alternative investment dealers.

Under Ray’s leadership, the Skyline Wealth Management team works directly with high-net-worth and institutional clients. It actively participates in optimizing Skyline Wealth Management’s investor engagement strategy to ensure it is continually adding value for the nearly 6,000 Canadian clients who have chosen Skyline Wealth Management and its investment product offering.