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Investing in Renewable Infrastructure for a Cleaner Future

Ray Punn, Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management, appeared on BTV – Business Television to discuss Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) and its role in accelerating Canada’s transition to clean energy.

Sustainable investments continue to flourish as more individuals seek ways to invest responsibly.

With Canada’s population projected to grow to 45 million by 20501 and electricity demands forecasted to increase by 47 percent over the next 27 years 2, investing in sustainable energy options is becoming more critical. Reflecting this growing need for new energy investments, Canada’s largest pension and institutional funds are rebalancing their portfolios to include sustainable, low carbon options such as renewable infrastructure.

Skyline Clean Energy Fund presents a private alternative investment opportunity for investors to participate in a fund that has delivered historically stable returns since inception in 2018, while building more capacity for clean energy production in Canada. This fund aims to generate long-term equity growth for its investors.

Skyline Clean Energy Fund invests in renewable infrastructure such as rooftop and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays and biogas facilities.

These solar and biogas assets generate clean energy using virtually limitless power sources. While solar arrays generate power from the sun, biogas facilities accept organic waste and convert it to biogas or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

These assets are backed by long-term government and power purchase agreements to buy the clean energy that is produced.

The result is a closed cycle of generating, storing, and selling clean energy produced from natural sources.

Skyline Clean Energy Fund seeks to build value in its renewable infrastructure to maximize its unit value growth for investors. It does so by retaining the cash flow and reinvesting the capital into strategic acquisitions, as well as optimization and repositioning of current assets in the Fund’s portfolio for maximum energy generation.

As Canada’s demand for energy continually builds, this private alternative investment aims to play a role in lowering the country’s carbon footprint and accelerating its transition to clean energy.

Individual investors who want to learn more about Skyline Clean Energy Fund are encouraged to contact a Skyline Wealth Management Advisor. Skyline Clean Energy Fund is available to Portfolio Managers and institutional investors through Fundserv (code SKY2018).

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