Ray Punn, Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management, appeared on BTV – Business Television

Diversification Through Strategic Asset Allocation

Ray Punn, Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management, appeared on BTV – Business Television to discuss the unique characteristics and potential advantages of private alternative investments, and how advisors can use them to help their clients safeguard investments against volatility.

The investment landscape is changing and, while rising interest rates have led to considerable fluctuations in the value of some asset classes, our private alternative investments have shown resilience due to their minimized correlation to public markets. In fact, private alternative investments can act as a buffer against market volatility while providing an opportunity for portfolio diversification.

Skyline’s private alternative investments offer the opportunity for investors to access professionally managed real estate and clean energy assets that are structured to deliver regular income and potential for capital growth.

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About Skyline Wealth Management

Skyline Wealth Management Inc. (“Skyline Wealth Management”) connects portfolio managers and institutional investors to several private alternative investments operating in the Canadian real estate and clean energy sectors and totaling $8.2 billion in assets under management.

Each investment comprises a portfolio of geographically diverse assets, offering clients strong historical performance and stable distribution, low MERs, and potential diversification solutions with lower relative volatility to the public markets.

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